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    and now it's time for a staff search! think you're ready to join our team and help grow stars to the next level? then apply here with some info and we'll start narrowing it down!


    hey, friends! welcome to stars~ we'd call this a reopening, but we're also fresh-faced and back with some brand new features. glad to have you back, and bombarding us with your love, clearly~


    event: advertising contest! check it out here to get your hands on some pretty fantastic prizes and help promote our beloved stars~ so kimchi doesn't have to do it alone tbh.


    event: grand (re)opening! follow this link to get yourself a random egg! and if you are a returning member, you may also bring back (one) pokemon from the previous site!


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    we owe a bunch of people some humble thankyous! first, to black's custom forum structure, and both kimchi and miso for all the coding you see here! all images used on the site (unless otherwise specified) are copyright of their respective owners; we take no credit for them! thankyou pkparaiso.com for the x/y pokemon sprites! and also, a big, warm, loveable thanks to our amazing members who make this whole thing possible~ we love you! <3

    love, gitds staff

the original pokemon coordinator academy
Welcome to the Island of Nisi, home to the prestigious Pokemon school, Vivia Academy for Coordinators. For years, this institution has stood the test of time, and has bred some of the finest coordinators the Regions have ever seen. Will you be the next coordinating superstar? Can you prove yourself worthy of this academy's fine honour? Hard work, drama, and determination all lie here--Will you make it through?

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